13 agosto 2007

Istambul trip

I just came from Istanbul (Turkey). I spent few marvellous days with former and new friends.

I have no much time to blog now, but I just want to mention Turkey seems to me a vibrant country. What I saw and lived in Turkey has reconfirmed my previous vision that Turkey is an ideal candidate for ncorporating to the EU in the future. I do not see it an issue (as others do), but a great opportunity to expand the EU's project further. An opportunity to show even more countries that opportunities to join us really exists, and that we are looking forward to it!

Life of Turkey's founding father: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

An article I wrote more than a year ago on the subject of the "European dream" and the possible accession of countries such as Turkey (in Spanish): Sueño Europeo

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