29 junio 2007

Happy Euro Pride 2007!

Having two gay relatives, and many gay and lesbian (bisexual I rather say) friends I simply want to wish a Happy EuroPride 2007!!!!

This year Europride is in Madrid, what in my opinion makes little difference since every year the party is the really great.

I have stated several times in this blog that one of the things I am the most proud of my country are their laws relating to same-sex partnerships (gay/lesbian marriages, adoptions,
etc). What is normal in Spain is still a serious political and social issue in many Latin-American countries, in a large part of the USA ,and in "first world countries" such as Poland, where the news regarding their fight against "homosexual propaganda" is something better belonging to any fascist country in eary XXth century*.

Enjoy the weekend! :-)

* With this topic of homosexuality, or for example with their relationship with Germany, I have the feeling Poland is a back-looking society rather than a forward-looking one. I understand Word War II had a tremendous, dramatic impact in today's Poland but, is it worth bringing up the topic every now and then? And conecting it with unrelated things such as the EU?

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