05 mayo 2007

Ségolène Royal

Polls tell she is not going to win, and she probably won't win, but I really wish Ségolène Royal wins France's presidential elections.

I have not followed what each candidate propose for France, however I really like Ségolène's personality. I like she is a female leader who does not behave like a man to succeed, which is the norm, especially in countries like the USA. Ségolène's style is really unique, and that denotes she can do original things for France, and not follow traditional patterns.

She is a woman who behaves like a woman, and she pays a price for that. People overcritizise women that behave as women. If she gets anger or nervious in the presidential debate, it seems she is not suitable for President of France. However if Nicolas Sarkozy is angry or nervious, people and the media do not take it that much into account.

The first time I discover we (incluided women) have those sort of machist biases was when
Angela Merkel run for German chancelor. It took several months in office to people (and media) realise how great a leader she really is (for me the best European leader as of today).

At any point of time we always think we are not machist, racist or ..., but 10 years later we find out we indeed were!

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Well, I hope Nicolas Sarkozy wins. Somebody who is aligned with Zapatero can only be as dumb as Mr. Zapatero is, the worst and most radical president Spain has ever had!

I am glad she is loosing the battle now. In the end, everyone gets what he/she deserves.
Oh yes, she IS beautiful and she IS smart. However she is not smart enough to lead a country. She does not have any viable economic program and she proved her ignorance in many international issues. It is dangerous to leave the destiny of a country between the hands of an inexperienced person. Don't mix appearances with the essence of the person. France needs a strong leader who know what he is doing. Otherwise France will take risk of internal riots, economic and political failures.
Hi Anonymus and Caroline,

Why the right (I asume you are Sarkozy supporters) always use the argument of "not smart enough" while discussing politics? How do you know what being smart really is? By the why, there is a foundation in the USA that analises the IQ of American presidents from their writtings, and Democrat presidents scored much better than republicans. As far as I remember Clinton and JFK were about 140 while the Bushes scored lower than 100.

Caroline: "France will take risk of internal riots, economic and political failures", Hasn't it been internal riots, economic and political failures in the last years in France? And Nicolas Sarkozy was in power, in relevant chairs, isn't it?

Disclaimer: Being this post issued the day before the elections I see it might turn into a sort of cross-fire between supporters. I do not want to be in between this so I want to state that the main point of my post is saying I like to see a woman who apparently does not try to behave as a man to succeed in a machist world. Also I have to say that I have voted right and left in the past and I do not belong to any political party. As a token you can see in my post that I stated that Angela Merkel is today my favourite European leader, and she is conservative.

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