10 mayo 2007

Jesus is Alive! (opensource version)

For centuries the church, specially the Protestant and Catholic churches, evangelised as many people as the could providing education. To some extent it makes sense for me. At a Catholic/Lutheran/Presbyterian/etc. University you may get high quality education in exchange of been surrounded by their values and beliefs. At the end you may take them or not. It can be a doggy game; in one side you try to benefit learning so much as you can, and on the other side they try to convert you thoroughly before you finish your studies. I think I could not play that game, but I know people who has done it with no problem.

Now I find that game translated to the web. There are tens of thousands of support forums everywhere in the Internet. I use them very oftenly in order to solve problems related to my opensource websites for example. Over the time I have observed that some of the quickest and kindest forum users (i.e. those that at the end solve your issues) are evangelisers. Few clearly show it with messages like "Jesus has the answers" in their forum profile. Others are hidden and after having helped you they write you an email to build up rapport and later on telling you how good Jesus is.

There are things that never change, they just adapt to the new times!

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