08 diciembre 2006


I do love the term “neocon”. I love it because for “liberal leftists” -such as I can be defined- it means that there is a semantic distinction between conservative policies and liberal policies. It is important to set the boundaries between these two different viewpoints, frequently confused by the general public.

Let me summarize what I consider are (or must be) the main differences between a liberal and a neocon.



Role of companies

Companies must be left alone in their matters.

Companies must compete freely with the least possible number of interferences from the government.

How to address market failures (e.g. environmental externalities)

“It’s not my problem”.

The state can intervene, but with the philosophy of establishing an smart, general framework to correct the deviation (Coase, Kyoto, etc), and not by introducing any forms of direct State intervention (State-owned companies, positive discriminatory laws, etc.).


Taxes are evil, it is the way all those lazy workers finance their children’s education.

¿What do taxes have to do with freedom? You simply watch out how you spend. If you have to spend more this year, do it, if you do not have to, please lower the tax rate.


Private Universities financed by student’s fees and donations. They believe good students know they are so good and therefore they will take loans to pay the most elitist education. Also they believe donation-funded model does not interfere in the should-be fair process of admitting the best candidates for the University.

Concerns about equal opportunities. At the end it is the same of applying the liberal thoughts into the knowledge/talent market. It may sound shocking for more than one person, but liberal “Gods” such as “The Economists” dedicate quite a number of articles to debate about the falling American educational system, and the success of those of Scandinavian countries.

Civil rights

  • Creationism.
  • No stem cells.
  • No gay marriage.
  • No..
  • No..

This is truly not my business!

What I have written here is very subjective. I hope it is useful somehow.

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