15 julio 2007

Birthday celebration

So I thought those things only happen in the movies. Yesterday it was my 34th birthday, my brother Miguel asked me to go to his home to help fixing the washing machine, and when I crossed the door I discoverer around 20 people waiting for me, and for my holiday party! :-)

They prepared a presentation "about me", you can see it here.

Also they decorated the house with pictures of me. You can see the pictures here.

Miguel and Arturo organised it for weeks. They tried to located friends of mine living in Madrid. They listened carefuly to my conversations, spied my files and emails, and came up with a list of friend to invite them.

I enjoyed it a lot!


Also Emi & Juan rescued a movie of my childhood. I do not have movies like that because thefts broke into my house and stole -among other things- them.... :-(

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