02 abril 2007

Fucked Company - Pud - Philip J. Kaplan

A través de Tech Crunch descubro The Fucked Company, un website dedicado a los cotilleos corporativos, especialmente en lo que respecta al lado oscuro del cotilleo: suspensiones de pagos, sentencias judiciales, etc.

Detrás de esta pintoresca empresa está el no menos pintoresco Philip J. Kaplan, que tiene un blog llamado Ask Pud. La gente escribe a Philip preguntas de lo mas variopinto y el las contesta con un estilo muy directo e imaginativo. Adjunto un ejemplo que me ha parecido interesante, me ha gustado especialmente lo de los dos tipos de “haters”:

I'm a journalism major and I'm getting bored with school, work, the party life, and life in general. I'm thinking about writing a book to help pass the time.
I've written the first chapter and told a couple friends about my idea. The majority of them think I'm crazy.
What should I do?
20 years old
Reno, NV


Sorry to be the one to break this to you... but as long as you're being creative, taking risks, and making things happen, people will always think you're crazy. It's human nature.

I've started 6 businesses, sold 2, raised millions, wrote a best-selling book, mastered the drums (omg), and have done a lot of other things I'm proud of -- many involving my penis.

And of course, I'm not exactly Bill Gates, and some of my businesses failed. But each of these things had one thing in common: people telling me "it's a stupid idea" and that I should give up.

And sometimes they were right. But most of the time they weren't.

There are two types of haters you'll encounter.

· People who are jealous of your drive and possible success, and make themselves feel better by beating you down.

· People who are so conservative and afraid to take risks, that they just can't understand your logic and figure there must be something wrong with you.

I'm not saying you should drop your friends, but you should try to surround yourself with like-minded peers -- people who will think what you're doing is awesome and will root for you.

I know that I'm rooting for you!



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