12 enero 2007

Attention Deficit Disorder and Entrepreneurship.

One of the most interesting facts about entrepreneurship I have ever read was a study (sorry no references) that stated that more that 50% of entrepreneurs suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity. Taking into account that the prevalence of this neurological disorder is of about 5%, that’s an interesting correlation!

There are list on the web speculating about people with ADD. Apart from entrepreneurs it seems to be a high number of actors and artists. One list I encounter mentions:

Bill Clinton; Richard Branson; Pablo Picasso; Bill Gates; Rojas Marcos; Albert Einstein; Galileo; Mozart; Wright Brothers; Leonardo da Vinci; Cher; Bruce Jenner; Tom Cruise; Charles Schwab; Henry Winkler; Danny Glover; Walt Disney; John Lennon; Greg Louganis; Winston Churchill; Henry Ford; Stephen Hawkings; Jules Verne; Alexander Graham Bell; Woodrow Wilson; Hans Christian Anderson; Nelson Rockefeller; Thomas Edison; Gen. George Patton; Agatha Christie; John F. Kennedy; Whoopi Goldberg; Rodin; Thomas Thoreau; David H. Murdock; Dustin Hoffman; Pete Rose; Russell White; Jason Kidd; Russell Varian; Robin Williams; Louis Pasteur; Werner von Braun; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Robert Kennedy; Luci Baines Johnson Nugent; George Bush's children; Prince Charles; Gen. Westmoreland; Eddie Rickenbacker; Gregory Boyington; Harry Belafonte; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Mariel Hemingway; Steve McQueen; George C. Scott; Tom Smothers; Suzanne Somers; Lindsay Wagner; George Bernard Shaw; Beethoven; Carl Lewis; Jackie Stewart; "Magic" Johnson; Weyerhauser family; Wrigley; John Corcoran; Sylvester Stallone

…. and millions of “normal” citizens…

ADD is frequently associated with dyslexia. To know more about ADD:




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