22 agosto 2006

Google Analytics

A week ago I “discovered” Google Analytics. I signed up and entered an HTML tag in my blog template. It took me less than 5 minutes. Yesterday I entered again to see the statistics. I have to say I am very impressed about the great deal of information I can gather about my blog: most visited pages, pages where people leave the blog, cities where I am visited, etc. Since I love data and information (information = data + analysis), I love Google Analytics. Simply try it!

However data can scare people. What about if I told you I had 40 visitors this week? That maybe does not annoy you. And if I say I would like to thank the visitor from Siberia (who has entered my website 5 times)? And if I told you someone entered my website after typing in Google the following query: “price of bread in France in 1…”?

Yes, data sometimes scares…



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